Turf Renovation

turf renovation

A Dying Lawn

Sometimes a lawn is too far gone to be saved by fertilizer or overseeding. In cases where there are a great deal of bare spots or extreme thinning, it may be necessary to renovate the turf. Signs of a dying lawn include:

  • Over 50% of the lawn is bare
  • The grass is extremely thin
  • The grass has browned and appears dead

Turf Renovation Process

Turf renovation is the process of killing your existing lawn and re-seeding without making any major differences in the soil, such as tilling or grade changes. To kill the turf, a strong herbicide is sprayed on the entire lawn.  After a few days, the lawn is mowed as short as possible and the remaining clippings and debris are removed.  Once the grass is completely killed, the turf renovation process can begin.

Seeds are first spread over exposed soil, which has either been raked or had holes put into it to provide a place for the seeds to grow. Different types of grass require different types of care; most seeds have specific directions on the bags. Landscaping companies also know how to care for each kind of grass and can be consulted for assistance. In general, the seeds should not be covered in topsoil or watered right away. Fertilizer can be used to speed grass growth, and the lawn should be kept clear of traffic until the grass begins to fill in.

Turf Renovation Services

As a top landscaping company in Connecticut, we provide all the solutions for your lawn renovation needs.  Whether you need turf renovation in Newington or turf renovation in West Hartford, we are the landscapers for you!  We also provide turf renovation in Farmington and surrounding areas. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Herbicide solutions to kill your existing lawn
  • Grass mowing and raking to prepare for new seeds
  • Seed sowing
  • Lawn watering and maintenance

For more information on turf renovation, contact us today!