Lawn Overseeding

When a lawn begins to look thin or show bare patches, overseeding is a great option. Not only is the process simple and efficient, but it doesn’t require that a lawn be torn up and started anew.

The Overseeding Process

Overseeding is exactly what it sounds like: sowing seeds over existing grass.  Most bags of lawn seed have directions for this, but hiring a landscaping company in Connecticut ensures the best results.  Our workers are trained and experienced in this process and can help with overseeding in Newington and overseeding in West Hartford, as well as o

The first step is usually to cut the existing grass extremely short.  This allows sunlight to reach the soil – tall grass can prevent sunlight from reaching new seeds.  Next, lawn aeration is utilized to add nutrients to the soil.  By removing excess thatch, seeds also have a better chance of reaching the soil and taking root.  The actual process is simple.  Lawn fertilizers are implemented to spread the seeds, which don’t need to be as plentiful as when starting a new lawn.

After spreading the seeds, the lawn should be kept moist, but not overwatered.  Too much water can rinse away or rot the seeds before they have the chance to begin growing.  Soon, new grass will begin to take root, thickening the lawn and filling in bare spots.

Benefits of Overseeding

There are many benefits to lawn overseeding:

  • Fill in existing bare spots
  • Thicken the grass that is already growing
  • Provide new nutrients to the soil
  • Maintain, rather than replace, existing grass

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